FAQ for Couples

All wedding couples are welcome. Significant others are encouraged to come to the wedding show. The wedding party, friends, mothers, and relatives are encouraged to attend the wedding expo too!

How do I sign up on the wedding website? Click on the bridal show you are interested in, go to “Buy tickets” and follow the prompts. Complete the wedding registration form. After you click “Submit” you will be prompted to buy your bridal show tickets and Proceed to Payment.

Will I be mailed wedding show tickets? No, Just bring the receipt of your purchase on your phone or by bringing a copy of the receipt to the Wedding Registration desk for admittance.

If I just want to register for the wedding expo and don’t want to buy wedding show tickets what do I do? You can go to the home page of TheXpos.com to Upcoming Expos and hit the button that says “Register Now”. Complete the wedding registration form and click “Register Now”. 

I was at another wedding expo and received free bridal show tickets, what do I do? You must register on TheXpos Wedding website for your bridal show tickets to be valid. You can go to the home page of TheXpos.com to Upcoming Expos and hit the button that says “Register Now”. Complete that form and hit “Register Now”.

Do I have to pay for everyone in my group? Yes everyone that comes through the door must pay to get in the wedding show including the bride.

Who has to register for the Wedding Expo? Only the person getting married must register on TheXpos Wedding Show website. Your family and friends do not need to register. One per couple.

Do I have to pay for my child to come to the wedding expo? No, anyone under 16 will be admitted free to the wedding show.

Is Parking Free? Most of the wedding venues do allow free parking. If not it will be a minimal fee.

What is the Wedding Bingo Sheet? That is a form that the Wedding Couple must have initialed by the participating wedding professionals in order to win the grand prize at the wedding expo!

What are Bridal Bucks? We give each couple at the wedding registration table $1000.00 in the form of a business card to spend the day of the wedding show to purchase wedding professional services that you would like to book. Each wedding vendor decides their own participation and you must ask them what they are offering. Bridal Bucks must be used on the day of the Wedding Expo. No cash value and no money back.

Is there a schedule for the Wedding Expo? Yes, we give them out in the wedding bags prior to entry. We will supply you with a schedule for what is happening throughout the day at the Wedding Expo.

How long is the wedding show? It ends between 3:00 and 4:00 depending on the wedding show you attend. Look on the wedding show program or on the wedding show flyer.

I bought my tickets and can’t make it. Can I have a refund? Usually not. It depends on your circumstances. Most times you can trade in your wedding show tickets for another wedding show at a later date. You may request a refund by emailing contact@thexpos.com. Please give your name, address, phone number, and your circumstances and it will certainly be considered or another alternative option will be given to you.

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