FAQ for Exhibitors

Do we have to bring a wedding prize to the wedding expo? Yes it must be equivalent to 50.00 and not tied to the purchase of your wedding services. For example if you are a wedding photographer you may give away a wedding engagement session but not 20 % off our wedding photography services if you book with us.

What time can we start loading in at the wedding venue? You may start loading in by 8:30 in the morning.

What time is the latest we have to unload at the wedding show? You must be set up no later than 11:30 or you may forfeit your space. You can always call us in the case of an emergency at 407-497-9710.

How many brides do you expect at the wedding expo? You can always call us but we consistently bring in 250 to 500 brides at every wedding expo we produce.

Do I have to stay until the wedding show is over? Yes you must stay at your expo booth until the time that the wedding show is over. Please do not break down early. It looks bad for the bride’s and it is not fair to your fellow wedding exhibitors who are polite enough to stay until the end of the wedding show.

What size is our booth? Usually the booths are a ten by ten space unless specified.

What does our wedding expo booth have in it? It comes with a 6 foot table, 2 chairs and linen for the table.

Do you provide pipe and drape at the wedding expo? We usually have 3 feet pipe and drape around the inside center booths. Very seldom do we have 8 feet pipe and drape around the perimeter booths.

Can we have 8 feet pipe and drape behind our wedding expo both? Yes you are encouraged to bring your own. If you ask in advance we may be able to provide some for you but it only comes in the color black. No other colors are provided.

Can we attached our banner to the wall of the wedding venue? Absolutely not in any circumstance.

Do I have to check in with anyone when I arrive at the wedding expo? Yes there is a staff member that will check you into our wedding expo. They will give you several items that are important in the scheme of the day. You will also give them your door prize prior to the start of the wedding show.

Will you send load in instructions for the wedding expo? Yes they will be sent out twice the week before the wedding show.

Can we have electricity the day of the wedding expo? Yes you must pay the hotel directly most of the time. Please ask us about it prior to the show to ensure you have it the day of the wedding show. You are also encouraged to bring your own extension cord just in case you need it.

Can we have a giveaway at our wedding expo booth? Yes

Can we give away a grand prize? Certainly. Anything over 500.00 in price is considered a Grand Prize. Please make sure that is clearly marked with your wedding company’s name and what it is.

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